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  • Beef casserole in red wine

    A traditional slow cooked casserole flavoured w red wine and a touch of garlic. Plenty of vegetables complete the dish so you can serve it w boiled chats, pasta or...
  • Beef lasagne

    Lasagne takes ages to put together so this ready made version means you get the convenience of a homemade meal without the bother.  Beef mince, bayleaves, rosemary and tomatoes come...
  • Butter chicken curry, tomato, onion and cream

    Sure to become a family favourite this mild curry w tomato, onion and a creamy sauce appeals to everyone. Add a dollop of natural yoghurt and maybe some fresh chilli...
  • Gracehill chicken, dijon mustard and prunes

    An unusual combination of flavours but this meal has been a Pronto best seller since 2004! Believe it or not but prunes, dijon mustard and white wine make this  really...
  • Lamb tagine, apricots and chickpeas

    Slow cooked lamb, a hint of moroccan spice, green peas, apricots and chickpeas combine to make a lovely savoury dish best served w cous cous, golden rice or mashed kumera....
  • Pork with pineapple and capsicum

    Pork slices are marinated in Asian BBQ sauce, charred on the griddle with red capsicum and shallots. Pineapple chunks sweeten the sauce - just add some extra chilli if you...
  • Slow cooked pork, hoisin and ginger

    It takes 5 hours to slow cook this pork in hoisin, ginger and fennel but the intense flavour is worth it. Obviously great to pop onto sliders w asian coleslaw...
  • Vegetable curry, coconut milk and lentils

    A flavoursome but mild yellow curry paste combines well with the  assorted vegetables , sweet coconut milk and lentils. Eat on its own , with rice or as an additional...
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